Keystone Design Review Board

Pursuant to Article VIII of the KNC Delcarations, "The KNC shall have a design review board (DRB)".  The DRB consists of professional design consultants, including architects, builders and a representative appointed by the Declarant.

Pursuant to the Keystone Planned Unit Development, the Keytone DRB oversees the following neighbourhoods:  Elk Crossing, Elk Run, Keystone Ranch, Keystone Ranch East, Keystone Ranch West, Saw Whiskers, Wild Irishman, Last Chance, Settlers Creek Estates and Townhomes, The Alders, River Meadows, River Run, Ski Tip and Trappers Crossing. 

The purpose of the KNC DRB is twofold, first the DRB oversees construction of homes or buildings, physical or structural improvements, and exterior appearance changes to land or building structure. Individual neighbourhood architectural standards and procedures are utilized as guidelines for the approval process (see Neighbourhood Guidelines tab).

The DRB also oversees the Keystone Planned Unit Development (PUD) Sign Code. Any sign that is installed temporarily or permanently must be reviewed by the DRB per the Keystone PUD (see Sign Guidelines tab).

The board meets as necessary which is usually bi weekly during busy building times (summer) and monthly in the slower building times (winter.) Meetings are held on Monday afternoons,  at 1:00 p.m. in the KNC office (see meeting schedule tab).