Welcome Owners!

Welcome to the Homeowner section of our website. If you own a condominium or a home in River Run, The Alders, River Meadows, Ski Tip, Trappers Crossing, or Settlers Creek, you are a member of the KNC. 

Mission Statement: It is the Keystone Neighbourhood Company's mission to make the Neighbourhoods at Keystone a premiere mountain community by maintaining a high-quality environment and investing in amenities, facilities, events and services that will attract residents and visitors to create a vibrant resort community.

As Keystone is not an incorporated town, the KNC performs many of the same type of services as a town, including maintaining and improving EXTERIOR areas on the outside of the drip lines of the buildings. This includes sidewalks, boardwalks, roads and common areas in the newly developed areas of Keystone.  

The KNC provides a variety of common area maintenance services, including but not limited to, snow and litter removal, landscaping and wetlands maintenance. Additionally, we provide security services. We enforce covenants, rules and regulations and oversee the Keystone Design Review Board. We also create and maintain park and recreation areas and have reserve funds to provide athletic, cultural, recreational entertainment or other servies to our owners, guests and general pubilc.   

The KNC is also responsible for planning and implementing special events for the owners, guests and community which range from family activities and events to large scale music and cultural festivals. Additionally, the KNC manages and produces events in the new Warren Station at Keystone, which brings many Colorado neighbors to the Keystone area.

Operating much like a town council, the KNC Executive Board oversees the KNC Management Staff. The Board is made up of nine members which include three residential directors, two commercial directors, one lodge director, one resort director and two additional at large directors. The KNC Senior Management staff consists of the Executive Director, the Business Manager, the Director of Events & Entertainment, the Warren Station Manager and the Operations Manager. Additionally, the KNC employs several other key staff positions including the Events Coordinator, the Operations Supervisor, and the Homeowner and Office Coordinator. The KNC also employs twelve year-round Village Operations Staff and four seasonal Village Operations Staff. The KNC office is located on the north side of the Silver Mill building facing the River Run free parking lot. Our office is typically open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The Neighbourhood Company Declaration provides that 10% of all funds collected from the Annual Real Estate Assessment must be placed into a Community Facilities Fund for the construction and financing of facilities such as a theater, library, chapel, park, recreation center and/or child care center. The Executive Board has the power and authority to build and operate facilities as the community grows and the need arises.