Design Review Board Application

Please fill out the following information. This form must be accompanied with application fee, and all required documents.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Application Fee

  • Due at or before the first meeting.
  • Refundable Compliance Fee

  • Of 3 times or more the application fee (without interest) which is due at the construction document phase review meeting, prior to the commencement of construction. Payable to KDRB. Minor applications (hot tub install, reroof, etc) will require a refundable deposit of at least $1,000.

  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All new single family home construction and any proposed exterior improvements must be submitted via application and recieve prior review/approval by the Keystone Design Review Board (KDRB) before any construction commences. A non-refundable application fee is required with the submission of an application. The fee covers pre-design meetings with a representative of the KDRB, preliminary, schematic and construction document meetings with the KDRB and construction site visits by a representative of the KDRB. Should the applicant desire or should the applicant's proposal not recieve final approval from the KDRB and the applicant is required to attend additional meetings, such additional meetings shall require the applicant to pay in advance $750 per KDRB meeting. In order to ensure compliance, with the final plans as approved by the KDRB, the applicant is also required to submit a refundable, without interest, deposit with the KDRB to pay for additional construction site visits due to failure of the applicant or its agent to comply with the approved final construction plan, the approved final landscaping plan, the construction period rules or other violations of the architectural guidelines and procedures for the property in question. Additional construction site visits deemed necessary by the KDRB shall be charged $250 per construction site visit and shall be withdrawn from the deposit. Additionally, if the KDRB determines that the lot improvements, including any landscaping, as approved by the KDRB is not being or has not be constructed in compliance with the approved final plans or if construction practices are not in compliance with the construction period rules, the KDRB may withdraw from the deposit the necessary funds to correct the improvements, including landscaping, or to correct any construction period violation. Final written approval by the KDRB for the application is valid for one year from the date of the approval letter. If the project is not started within one-year approval time frame the applicant must re-apply and pay again the same fees as noted above. Please refer to the Architectural Guidelines specific to the location listed in item G for any additional information and/or requirements.
  • I have read the above important information and will comply with the Architectural Guidelines specific to the location specified in lot number/location, application fees and construction compliance deposit regulations. Please type your name below or sign and submit to: Keystone Neighbourhood Company 140 Ida Belle Dr. Suite F-4 Keystone, CO 80435 APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED WITHOUT THE OWNER'S SIGNATURE, PAYMENT AND ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION.
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