Welcome to the Keystone Neighbourhood Company.

We are committed to being the finest resort village in the Rocky Mountains. Located at the base of the bustling Keystone Resort, River Run Village and the surrounding Neighbourhoods are truly special places in the mountains. The vibrant environment of Keystone Resort has served as a vacation retreat for millions of skiers and snowboarders for several decades. The mountains of Keystone are steeped in history and tradition and reflect that western charm even today.

Blended with this mountain environment are a variety of activities including skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, golf, tennis and many other mountain based attractions to enjoy. The casual village environment offers a broad variety of restaurants and shops to meet the needs of any homeowner or vacationer.

As Keystone is not an incorporated town, the KNC is crucial and performs many of the same types of services as a town, including maintaining and improving exterior areas on the outside of the drip lines of the buildings within River Run. This includes sidewalks, boardwalks, roads and common areas in the newly developed areas of Keystone keeping the village engaging, clean and updated as thousands of guests visit each year.

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