River Run Is Tearing it Up!

New village snowmelt system will add to a safer and more guest friendly village environment.

FAQ’s Regarding the Snowmelt Construction Project

1. Where is the snowmelt being installed?
There is an attached map that shows where the snowmelt is anticipated to be installed. Basically, it is replacing the asphalt from the Info Center on Ida Belle Drive to where Ina’s Bridge is located (before Gondola Plaza). Once the asphalt is removed, the snowmelt system will be installed and the asphalt surface will be replaced with pavers.

2. What is the timeframe for the snowmelt project?
We plan to start staging for the project in the first week of April 2018 and then demo would start as soon as the Mountain closes for skiing/boarding on April 9, 2018. This work is planned to be completed by the end of June 2018. We plan to restart the work in Events Plaza in September 2018 and finish up by Thanksgiving 2018.

3. What type of snowmelt system is being installed?
The type of snowmelt being installed is very similar to the type of snowmelt currently in the courtyards of both Silvermill and Buffalo Lodge. Basically, there are boilers that heat the glycol/water mix and circulate this mixture through tubing to keep the surface clear of snow and ice. We will be putting down pavers to replace the asphalt and this should look much better and make it easier to do future repairs.

4. Where are the boilers and pumps being located?
The boilers will be located next to the Information Center adjacent to Ida Belle Drive. We are installing a new section of the building to house them which will extend into the current landscape bed to the east and is designed to look like an extension of the building. The boilers will let off steam but this will be directed through a flue to keep it going upwards. The pumps will be located inside the Information Center.

5. Does this map show the entire area of construction?
The map shows the area above ground where construction will be occurring. We will also be installing main piping in the parking garages throughout the duration of the construction project including during the summer months of July and August. This will only affect a small area of the parking garage and while a few parking spaces may be impacted for a short period, no closing of large areas of the garages are anticipated. The garages will remain open during the construction timeline.

6. Will Summer Festivals be impacted by the snowmelt construction project?
Our phasing schedule recognizes that July and August can be very busy. That is why we hope to stop construction on our walkways during these months. We hope to have minimal impact on the festivals.

7. Will people still be able to access Gondola Plaza during construction?
We will still maintain walkways through River Run Village during construction. We recognize that while most of the work is being done in our shoulder seasons, we still need to maintain access for owners and guests. Obviously, it may not be as direct of a route as before (and after) but there will be signage to show people how access works.

8. What are the hours for the construction?
As stated in the KNC Rules and Regulations, the hours for construction will be from 7:00 am – 9 pm, Monday through Saturday.

9. How is this project being funded?
The funding for the Snowmelt project is through our current Capital Reserves savings. There is no special assessment that will be billed to our Members.

10. How do I get more information?
The best way right now is use email As we get closer to construction there will be other forms of communication utilized so we get the information to you.

River Run Plaza Snow Melt Plan Phasing 9.5.18

FAQ’s for Snowmelt 2018 



Fall 2018 Scheduling:

The fall phase of the snowmelt / paver streetscape project has started!
Construction is starting on demo for the asphalt in Events Plaza as well as in front of the storefronts facing Events Plaza. Work on the section from Christy Sports to the Silvermill Courtyard will start next week.

All this work is expected to finish up by Thanksgiving. Once the mountain opens and the lifts start up, pedestrian access will be available to Gondola Plaza even though small areas will still be under construction for a couple of weeks. Currently, access to Gondola Plaza is through the sidewalk on the east side of the Jackpine Building or through Hunki Dori parking lot.

Please visit our website for updates as well as we get information on businesses that are open. Right now is a transition time for most businesses in River Run Village as the gondola is only open the next two weekends with the closing date of September 16 th. More accurate information will be available after the 16 th however, only a limited number of businesses will be open for the fall shoulder season.


River Run Businesses Open:
Limited business hours in River Run during construction.
The pool and spas at Dakota Lodge are currently open.
Keystone opens for skiing and riding on November 9th!

Please click the link below to find out more information about the project. As well, there is a map of the project for your reference. Thanks again for your patience as we make these wonderful improvements to the village.

Any further questions or comments, please email

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